$145 COMP Cams 26918-16 Performance Street 1.310" OD Beehive Spring; Automotive Replacement Parts Engines Engine Parts COMP Cams 26918-16 Performance Street 1.310" Beehive OD Spring; Classic COMP Cams 26918-16 Performance Street 1.310" Beehive OD Spring; Classic Cams,Performance,ceabrera.org,COMP,Beehive,1.310",OD,Automotive , Replacement Parts , Engines Engine Parts,26918-16,$145,Street,/prehazardous4208356.html,Spring; $145 COMP Cams 26918-16 Performance Street 1.310" OD Beehive Spring; Automotive Replacement Parts Engines Engine Parts Cams,Performance,ceabrera.org,COMP,Beehive,1.310",OD,Automotive , Replacement Parts , Engines Engine Parts,26918-16,$145,Street,/prehazardous4208356.html,Spring;

COMP Special Campaign Cams 26918-16 Performance Street 1.310

COMP Cams 26918-16 Performance Street 1.310" OD Beehive Spring;


COMP Cams 26918-16 Performance Street 1.310" OD Beehive Spring;


Product description

With a .625 inch maximum lift, these Beehive Valve Springs were designed for hydraulic roller cams in LS1, LS2 and LS6 engines. COMP Cams Beehive Valve Springs deliver increased valve train stability and a much lighter valve train. This is achieved with less spring pressure for better valve control and reduced weight of both the spring and retainer. The unique Beehive shape handles valve train stress more efficiently to eliminate damaging harmonics and increases high RPM horsepower and durability. The oval/multi-arc wire shape places the maximum area of the wire at the point of highest stress to handle valve train stress more efficiently and allow better heat dissipation for longer life. Because of the unique Beehive design, the valve train can handle more RPM and more aggressive cam profiles.

From the manufacturer

From Traditional Single Springs to our Breakthrough Conical Design: COMP Cams has a Performance Valve Spring for your Engine

Beehive, LS1, LS3, Camaro, LSX, 5.3, 4.8, 5.7, SBC, Chevy, Coyote, Mustang, 3V, 4.6, 5.4, 327, Z28Beehive, LS1, LS3, Camaro, LSX, 5.3, 4.8, 5.7, SBC, Chevy, Coyote, Mustang, 3V, 4.6, 5.4, 327, Z28

A Quick Look at the Different Valve Spring Types

Single Valve Spring

  • Traditional Valve Spring Design | Non-Tapered Shape | Lighter Loads at the Seat and Max Lift | Ideal for Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshafts

Dual Valve Spring

  • Traditional Spring Design - Two "Single Springs" inside one another for added Load at Seat and Max lift | Non-Tapered Shape | Heavier loads at Seat and Max lift than Single Valve Springs | Ideal for Solid Flat Tappet, Hydraulic Roller and less aggressive Solid Roller Camshafts

Triple Valve Spring

  • Traditional Spring Design - Three "Single Springs" inside one another for Heavy Load at Seat and Max Lift | Non-Tapered Shape | Heavy loads at Seat and Max lift | Ideal for Solid Roller Camshafts

Beehive Valve Spring

  • Modern Spring Design | Tapered Shape | Light to Moderate Loads at the Seat and Max lift | Ideal for Hydraulic/Solid Flat and Hydraulic Roller Cams | Higher RPM, Eliminates Harmonics, Better Heat Dissipation, Longer Lifespan

Conical/Dual Conical Valve Spring

  • Breakthrough Spring Design | Tapered Shape | Moderate to Heavy Loads at the Seat and Max lift | Ideal for Solid Flat, Hydraulic Roller and Solid Roller Cams | Higher RPM, The Best Natural Frequency Damping, Superfinished Surface, Best Heat Dissipation, Longest Lifespan

Proper Spring Handling

  1. Handle springs with care. Never place in a vise, grab with pliers or hit them with a hammer. This will damage the surface of the spring, which will cause it to fail.
  2. When separating double or triple springs, use only a durable plastic object that cannot harm the shot-peened surface of the spring.
  3. Valve springs are shipped with a rust preventative coating that should remain on the spring throughout engine assembly. Do not clean springs with acidic or evaporative cleaners. This causes rapid drying and promotes the formation of rust on the surface, which can cause catastrophic failures.

Checking Loads

  1. COMP Cams has matched each set of springs for load consistency. A variance of ±10% is acceptable for new springs.
  2. When checking the spring loads on a load tester measure and note the thickness of the retainer where the outer spring sits. Assemble the retainer on the spring and place on the base of the spring checker.
  3. Compress the spring to the desired installed height. This is the measurement between the top of the spring (on the bottom side of the retainer where the outer spring sits) and the bottom of the spring on the base.


  1. Before installing the spring on the cylinder heads, check the installed spring height. This is the distance from the bottom of the retainer to the surface where the spring rests on the head. First, install the valve in the guide, then install the retainer and valve locks. Pull the retainer tightly against the valve locks while holding the valve assembly steady. Measure the distance between the spring seat and the outside step of the retainer using your height micrometer (Part #4928 or #4929). After you have measured all the valves, find the shortest height. This will become the spring’s installed height on your heads. If your combination includes a dual or triple spring assembly, it will be necessary to allow for the inner steps of the retainer.
  2. It will then be necessary to use shims to obtain the shortest installed height (±.020" is acceptable) on the remaining valves.
  3. Before removing the retainers, measure the distance from the bottom of the retainer to the top of the valve seal. This distance must be greater than the lift of the valve. If not, the guide must be machined to avoid cam failure.
  4. Once the valve springs have been installed, it is important to check for coil bind. This means that when the valve is fully open, there must be a minimum of .060" clearance between the coils of both the inner and outer springs. If this clearance doesn’t exist, you must change either the retainer or the valve to gain more installed height, or change to a spring that will accommodate more lift or machine the spring seat for extra depth.
  5. Always check for clearance between the retainer and the inside face of the rocker arm. You should check to see that you have the proper rocker arm/retainer combination and correct rocker geometry.
  6. To aid in the engine break-in process, spray the springs, rocker arms and pushrods with COMP Cams Valve Train Assembly Spray (Part #106).

Breaking in a Spring

  • It is important for new springs to take a heat-set. Upon initial start-up, limit rpm to 1500 to 2000 until the temperature has reached operating levels. Shut off the engine and allow the springs to cool to room temperature. This usually will eliminate early breakage and prolong spring life. After the spring has been broken-in, it is common for it to lose a slight amount of pressure. However, it should then remain constant unless the engine is abused and the spring becomes overstressed. If this occurs, the springs must either be replaced or shimmed to the correct pressure.
Z28, Chevrolet, SBC, SBF, Ford Windsor, 302, 350, 327, 383, 400, Beehive, BTR, Texas Speed Z28, Chevrolet, SBC, SBF, Ford Windsor, 302, 350, 327, 383, 400, Beehive, BTR, Texas Speed Z28, Chevrolet, SBC, SBF, Ford Windsor, 302, 350, 327, 383, 400, Beehive, BTR, Texas Speed Z28, Chevrolet, SBC, SBF, Ford Windsor, 302, 350, 327, 383, 400, Beehive, BTR, Texas Speed Z28, Chevrolet, SBC, SBF, Ford Windsor, 302, 350, 327, 383, 400, Beehive, BTR, Texas Speed Z28, Chevrolet, SBC, SBF, Ford Windsor, 302, 350, 327, 383, 400, Beehive, BTR, Texas Speed
26981 26995 26915 26986 26918 924
Max Lift 0.525" 0.550" 0.600" 0.625" 0.625" 0.650"
Installed Height/Seat Pressure 1.700"/110 Lbs 1.700"/137 Lbs 1.800"/105 Lbs 1.700"/137 Lbs 1.800"/125 Lbs 1.900"/112 Lbs
Open Height/Open Pressure 1.175"/292 Lbs 1.100"/305 Lbs 1.200"/293 Lbs 1.175"/284 Lbs 1.150"/367 Lbs 1.200"/355 Lbs
Coil Bind 1.115" 1.060" 1.100" 1.060" 1.100" 1.175"
O.D. Base/Top 1.240"/1.065" 1.415"/1.065" 1.290"/1.055" 1.415"/1.065" 1.310"/1.075" 1.509"/1.509"
I.D. Base/Top 0.825"/0.650" 1.000"/0.650" 0.885"/0.650" 1.000"/0.650" 0.885"/0.650" 0.697" (Inner)/1.125" (Outer)
Spring Rate (Lbs/In) 347 280 313 280 372 347
Compatible Retainers 787/795 Chromemoly Steel, 1787/1795 Tool Steel, 788 Titanium 787/795 Chromemoly Steel, 1787/1795 Tool Steel, 788 Titanium 774/783/761/787 Chromemoly Steel, 1772/1787 Tool Steel, 772/762/788 Titanium 787/795 Chromemoly Steel, 1787/1795 Tool Steel, 788 Titanium 774/783/761/787/795 Chromemoly Steel, 1772/1787/1795 Tool Steel, 772/762/788 Titanium 741 Chromemoly Steel, 1732 Tool Steel, 732/721 Titanium
Compatible Seats/Locators 4693 4694 4705 4694 4705/4709 4770/4783/4700
Recommended Applications

COMP Cams 26918-16 Performance Street 1.310" OD Beehive Spring;

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